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Titan 390 Paint Sprayer

This pressure transducer sensor paint sprayer ultra 390 395 495 595 is perfect for paint sprayers who need a strong and reliable sensor to monitor the spray. The sensor is easy to use and it comes with a carrying case which makes it easy to take with you.

Cheap Titan 390 Paint Sprayer

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Titan 390 Paint Sprayer Ebay

This is a must have for any titan 390 paint sprayer! You'll need this if you want to achieve perfect paint shots and protected work area. The new sprayer has a higher capacity and is equipped with a high-capacity pump for higher quality and protection. the titan 390 paint sprayer ultra 390 395 495 595 has a pressure transducer sensor for measuring the pressure on the paint sprayer. This sensor is located on the side of the sprayer near the battery. When in use, the sensor will start to read the pressure and will then report this information to the controller. The controller can then determine the amount of pressure on the paint sprayer that is necessary for cleaning the paintball gun. the old pc390 paint sprayer is no longer able to reach the depths of the titan 390 paint sprayer. The new paint sprayer has a larger bore and is equipped with a large, high-pressure airtight container. This container is able to reach the most difficult to reach areas on the model. this pressure transducer sensor is need for a paint sprayer that uses ultra-violet (uv) light to identify paint levels and control the rate of spray. The sensor detects the amount of uv light being shone on the paint by a timer, so you can keep an eye on the level of paint being used and make sure the paint is being applied too much or not enough.